Utility Company Energy Efficiency Program Management

FESS Energy designs and manages customer energy management programs for investor owned and municipal utility companies.

    FESS excels at:
  • Measured energy and demand savings.
  • Providing good customer service, reflecting a positive light on the company.
  • Effective communication on program progress.
  • Proactive throughout the program to minimize problems and wasted resources.

Construction Management

FESS has a flexible corporate structure with actively involved owners. FESS can easily and expediently scale its resource response to any challenging customer program or situation.

FESS maintains a high level of small, minority, disadvantaged, woman owned business participation in all of the programs it administers.

    FESS continues to provide the following services:
  • Marketing & Outreach
  • Energy Engineering
  • Financing Strategies
  • Research& Analysis

FESS is a C10 Licensed Contractor:
License number: 958711

FESS is also listed in the United States Government's System for Award Procurement database.
DUNS number:940716108

Management Consulting

    FESS has a broad base of customers that it supports to fully maximize their productivity potential:
  • SCE
  • Los Angeles County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • State of Colorado
  • US Dept. of Energy
  • 12 Colorado School Districts
  • Pasadena SD
  • Public Service of Colorado (4 DSM Contracts)

Energy Management Consulting

FESS has provided performance contracting for the following:
  • Trane
  • Honeywell
  • Siemens
  • DOE
  • Chevron
  • McKinstry
  • Eaton
  • URS

Internships, On the Job Training and Community Outreach

FESS administers the SCE Faith Based Organization/Community Based Organization program that has trained over 115 individuals looking for work, had only part time work or were looking to retool their professional capabilities to repurpose their talents and abilities to support new and emerging industry/markets.

A Record of Community and Customer Service…

FESS Energy hires and supports DBE businesses and minority/women owned businesses in every program we manage.

Current DVBE participation percentage levels average roughly 35% for all SCE programs we currently manage. We strongly believe in supporting DBE’s to achieve a viable level of business sales to sustain and perpetuate operations, benefitting from the many offerings and projects available in the EE industry.

FESS won the DVBE contractor of the year award from SCE for its integration and work with registered DVBE firms and for the amount of work delegated to qualified DVBE firms to help achieve SCE savings goals.

Southern California Edison Entertainment Centers Program - 2013-2014

FESS completed this contract with SCE on time and on budget by targeting and providing energy efficiency and Demand Control Ventilation installations to customers specifically in the Entertainment industry. FESS worked closely with SCE customers that own movie theaters, bowling alleys, amusement parks, arcades, resorts, clubs and fitness centers/gyms to reduce peak kW usage. Program budget was set for $1M, FESS met the completion of the program at budget. Gross results equated to approximately 623,000 kWh and 537 kW saved.

Southern California Edison Partnerships/Municipalities Energy Efficiency Initiative 2013-Present

FESS was chosen to help SCE meet Partnership savings goals via the Cities Energy Efficiency Initiative. FESS has executed energy efficiency upgrades for over 250 Cities buildings helping each City on average save over 30 kW and 130,000 kWh on this free customer program. Total program savings are approximately 754 kW and 3,152,800 kWh saved. FESS has worked closely with numerous Cities and City personnel to bring this program to fruition in a timely fashion with minimal impact to City facilities schedules.

Southern California Edison Palm Desert Commercial Energy Solutions (PDCES) Program 2012

FESS was selected to help establish a pilot program targeting customers in the 100 kW or greater range. The program parameters included an added complication of 10% customer co-pay which was a unique strategy untested in Palm Desert in coordination with the 90% SCE paid program. With a 952k budget FESS was able to help initialize, establish, construct, finalize and close out the program within 9 months. FESS finalized the program with 950k and ahead of time, finishing construction before the start of the fourth quarter of 2012. Efforts resulted in cross energy savings 2,315,810 kWh and a demand reduction gross of 831 kW.

Southern California Edison Direct Install Program - 2009 to Present

FESS is responsible for the program management of approximately one third of the Southern California Edison (SCE) $150+ Million Direct Install Program. Throughout the course of this program, FESS provided energy audits, customer liaising, construction management, construction/installation of energy efficiency measures, and program controls for small to micro-sized businesses in the SCE California service territories. FESS has successfully managed the construction of over 54,000 customer sites from 2010 through 2016. Over the past 6 years, FESS has helped SCE realize energy savings in gross EE kWh of 200,741,137 kWh and a demand reduction in gross EE kW of 47,881 kW.

Southern California Edison Public Pre-Schools Elementary and Secondary Schools Program 2012

FESS was engaged to help close out and complete the SCE public and private schools energy efficiency program by December 2012. FESS inherited 11 separate school districts in various stages of completion and participation with the task of committing/completing $1.8M worth of new construction while reviewing and cleaning up existing issues/punch list items. FESS helped 7 school districts save over 631 kW and 4,084,397 kWh completing work in over 90 school buildings. FESS was able to work with District maintenance staff in a truncated time schedule substantially completing over 90% of the construction within two months.


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